Return Policy

Otuesday Returns and Refunds

This Agreement constitutes a binding contract between Otuesday International Limited and the individual or entity executing the booking.

Booking Terms and Conditions

You and your traveling companions are deemed to have read, understood and accepted the following terms and conditions.

These terms and conditions will apply both for regular individuals and companies using the indicated services unless otherwise stated.

In the event of any conflict, the terms and conditions herein shall prevail.

Booking Accuracy/Legal Names

Client is required to immediately review all aspects of their booking to verify (but not limited to): passenger names, mailing address, email address, telephone number, date of birth, pricing, airfare, arrival/departure airports, accommodations, and organized activities on your booking receipt.

Applicants MUST be 18 years or older in order to make reservations with Otuesday International Limited. Please notify Otuesday International Limited immediately if any omissions and/or corrections are needed regarding the booking details. Client(s) voluntarily assumes full & sole responsibility for any and all risks and/or costs involved with failure to report such errors and/or omissions. Client is required to verify the accuracy of the client’s LEGAL first & last names. It is mandatory that guest names be identical to the client(s) LEGAL first and last names and identical to the names as they appear on booking and travel documents.

Payment Method:

Otuesday International Limited accepts payments via Visa, American Express, KeyCard, MasterCard and Bank deposit.


Prices and availability quoted by Otuesday International Limited are only guaranteed when full payment is received. Otherwise, pricing and availability may change without notice.

Passenger agrees that Otuesday International Limited is not responsible for any errors or omissions in any quotes, advertisements, including on our website, resulting in inventory, content, or pricing discrepancies nor is Otuesday International Limited responsible for any errors or omissions that may occur as a result of incorrect information from third parties. Suppliers reserve the right not to honor any published prices that it determines were erroneous due to electronic, printing, or clerical error. You acknowledge this right and agree to hold Otuesday International Limited harmless for any actions or damages arising from supplier pricing.

Otuesday International Limited reserves the right to charge Client(s) for any increase in taxes, fees or surcharges (i.e. fuel). Client(s) acknowledge this right and agree to pay any such additional taxes, fees, and surcharge.


a. General Conditions Governing Air Transport

Airline tickets are highly restrictive, non-refundable, and non-transferable. Modification of passenger names, dates, times, routings, or departure/arrival airports is at the sole discretion of the airline and, if permitted, will likely be subject to a substantial change fee.  Passenger is responsible for any such fees.  With regard to the purchase of air tickets, Otuesday International Limited acts simply as an intermediary between you and the airline.  Once you approve a reservation, you will be charged for the amount confirmed regardless of whether or not the reservation is used. Credit will not be given for any unused airline tickets and cannot be used toward any future bookings.

All tickets will be issued for economy class unless otherwise specified.  All travel will be round-trip unless otherwise specified.  Seat assignments are subject to the airlines policies and may not be able to be made until you are at the airport on the day of departure.  Airline tickets booked through Otuesday International Limited may not eligible to earn frequent flyer miles. You agree to confirm all bookings with the airline prior to the stated date of departure (Otuesday International Limited recommends confirming 72 hours prior).

Direct flights may be “non-stop” or may involve one or more stop-overs (in the latter case this means the same flight by the airline, because the flight number remains the same).  The same applies to connecting flights that may be subject to crew changes. When you reserve a scheduled or charter flight involving a stop-over in a town, and the second flight takes off from a different airport to the airport of arrival, ensure that you have sufficient time for reaching the second airport.  The journey to the other airport is at your own expense.  Otuesday International Limited will not be able to reimburse you for these costs, nor will it be liable if you miss the second flight.

Otuesday International Limited’s responsibilities in respect to air travel are limited by the relevant airline’s conditions of carriage.  The airline fulfilling your contract for carriage may change from the airline mentioned by Otuesday International Limited.  Otuesday International Limited is not able to specify the type of aircraft to be used by any airline.  If an airline cancels or delays a flight, you must work directly with the airline to ensure you arrive at your destination on or ahead of time. Otuesday International Limited will not provide any refund for trips missed, in part nor full unless travel insurance cover same- in that case, client will communicate with insurance provider to recover same.

b. Prohibited Practices

You agree that you will not deviate from your booking by making any unscheduled stopovers.  Tickets may not be purchased and used at fare(s) from an initial departure point on the ticket which is before your actual point of origin of travel, or to a more distant point(s) than your actual destination being traveled even when the purchase and use of such tickets would produce a lower fare. This practice is known as “Hidden City Ticketing” or “Point Beyond Ticketing” and is prohibited.  The purchase and use of round-trip tickets for the purpose of one-way travel only, known as “Throwaway Ticketing” is prohibited.  The use two or more different tickets issued at round trip fares for the purpose of circumventing applicable rules (such as advance purchase/minimum stay requirements) commonly referred to as “Back-to-Back Ticketing” is prohibited.

Where a ticket is purchased and used in violation of these rules, Otuesday International Limited and the applicable air carrier have the right in their sole discretion to take all actions permitted by law, including but not limited to, the following:

  • 1) Invalidate the ticket(s);
  • 2) Cancel any remaining portion of your itinerary;
  • 3) Confiscate any unused Flight Coupons;
  • 4) Refuse to board you and to carry your baggage;
  • 5) Assess you for the actual value of the Ticket which shall be the difference between the lowest fare applicable to your actual itinerary and the fare actually paid;
  • 6) Delete miles in your frequent flyer account and/or terminate your participation in the frequent flyer program;
  • 7) Take legal action against you.

c. Loss of air tickets

You agree to safeguard your tickets and bear any and all costs related to loss of theft.  If you lose your air ticket or if your ticket is stolen, Otuesday International Limited advises that you immediately report it to the police and to the airline.

d. Luggage

Each airline has its own policy regarding luggage.  We recommend that you check with your airline ahead of time for any weight restrictions and additional charges relating to checked baggage. You will be responsible for paying to the airline any additional charges for checked or overweight baggage, including, but not limited to, golf bags and oversized luggage.  If you exceed the weight limit set by your airline, and excess weight is permitted, you must pay a supplement directly to the airline at the airport.

The airline is liable to you for the baggage you entrust to it only for the compensation contemplated in the international conventions and relevant statutes.  In the event of damage, late forwarding, theft or loss of luggage, you should contact your airline and declare the damage, absence or loss of your personal effects before leaving the airport, and then submit a declaration, attaching the originals of the following documents: the travel ticket, the baggage check-in slip, and the declaration.  Otuesday International Limited strongly recommends that you obtain an insurance policy covering the value of your items.

e. Limitation of Liability for Air Transport

In addition to the limitations of liability set forth above, you agree that Otuesday International Limited is not liable for any damages arising from or related to any airline timetable changes, delays, cancellations, missed connections, mechanical problems, inclement weather, seating reassignments, lost/delayed baggage, screening and security delays, refused boarding or failure to check-in properly.

Cancellation Policies

All cancellations or no-shows are subject to penalties imposed by the supplier. If you require a copy of these terms, please contact the supplier or your agent at Otuesday International Limited.

Deferral fees are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

If you cancel your arrangements, you may be entitled to a partial refund. In addition to the cancellation terms and conditions of your supplier(s), our standard fees will apply as may be outlined on your receipt or booking confirmation. We need to receive from you your original voucher before any applicable refund can be considered. If you decide to cancel arrangements before the balance due date, any deposits paid are non-refundable.

Refunds will only be paid to you once we have received the funds back from the supplier(s). Generally, flight tickets cannot be refunded if they are partially used. We are not responsible for a supplier’s failure to pay a refund. Please see rules governing the conditions for Air Transport above. If the cancellation cost/fee of the supplier is more than the monies paid upfront by the client(s) then Otuesday International Limited has the legal right to recoup its monies via; bailiff, court or any other legal means necessary.

If the reason for your cancellation is covered under the terms of your travel insurance policy, you may be able to reclaim your cancellation charges through your insurer.